For Beginners and false Beginners, over 70 video-lessons based on easy cartoons for a practical approach of the language

I am Michel Cioffi, mother tongue French teacher, author and director of the Video Course “French for You: French Course for English Native Speakers” and other language video courses. The didactic program at the base of this course aims at a practical approach to the language. We never start from theoretical notions such as grammar, but from practical examples, i.e. from lines of the characters of our animated sketches to reveal and subsequently expand the grammatical concepts contained in them. The course is active. The aim is to give the student a valid tool that allows him to prepare the Delf B1.

Perchè scegliere questo corso?

This course “French for You: French Course for English Native Speakers” is aimed at beginners who want to study French and also at those who have approximate knowledge of the language and who want to give themselves a more solid foundation. The target groups can be found in these categories: students of language schools, university students applying for Erasmus, professionals with contacts in French-speaking countries, people about to move to French-speaking countries or simply to visit them for tourism. You will be confronted with the real language, not the academic one but the one that the French speak every day. You will listen to more voices; you will train your ear to the sounds of French. Often, when speaking, three or four words are enclosed in a single sound and this is precisely what puts foreigners in trouble but you will be accustomed from the start to situations like this. Perhaps more than in other languages, pronunciation is fundamental in French. There are sounds very close to each other and not knowing how to distinguish them leads to disastrous consequences; not only in the oral but also in the writing. Those who cannot pronounce cannot write correctly.

With this course “French for You: French Course for English Native Speakers”, I have prepared a road-map, with some obligatory stages and also some check-points. If you don’t skip the steps, you will get positive results in oral comprehension, oral expression and also in writing. And above all, you will not get bored thanks to the great variety of content. Take this course as a challenge to yourself; I don’t teach you complicated things, that’s why in the exercises I propose you aim at “no mistake”. Do not hesitate to repeat and redo several times. There are no miracles in learning a language: it is like in sport. It is by repeating the same gestures several times that you learn. Speaking of miracles, if you are looking for a miraculous course, this is one is not for you. You won’t learn French in 15 days like no one slims by 20 kilos in a week. If you are an absolute beginner, you will gain a solid foundation on which you can quickly improve. If you already knew something, you will have consolidated your knowledge, certainly lost bad habits and you will feel safer in France and in French.

Cosa imparerai con questo corso?

Iscriviti al mio corso online “French for You: French Course for English Native Speakers” e avrai accesso alle mie lezioni dove imparerai:

Listen and understand French as it is really spoken in France, with 5 oral comprehension tests;

To pronounce with a pronunciation manual and 12 specific exercises in the first part of the course;

Speak by repeating the lines of the characters in the sketches and then dubbing the characters;

The main grammatical structures of the language up to the use of the subjunctive and hypothetical sentences;

To write with written exercises and dictation with corresponding correction in the 8 illustrated of the course.

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Foto del Profilo
Michel CioffiRegista, insegnante privato di francese

Sono  nato a Parigi, ho conseguito il baccalauréat in flosofia e il primo  certificato di laurea in giurisprudenza. Ho studiato metodologie  d’insegnamento linguistico attraverso sistemi audiovisivi, ricevendo  adeguata formazione.

Ho insegnato il francese in scuole di traduttori-interpreti, interpreti parlamentari e licei linguistici a Milano.Ho  successivamente realizzato corsi audiovisivi per l’insegnamento  dell’inglese: English between friends e soprattutto  Live from England,  girato interamente in Inghilterra con la partecipazione di oltre 80  attori professionisti.

La realizzazione di questo corso mi ha  portato a lavorare negli USA dove ho creato il reparto di produzione  audiovisiva nella sede della Berlitz School of Languages a Princeton New  Jersey, per conto della società editrice Macmillan, allora proprietaria  del marchio Berlitz.In America, sono diventato membro dell’American Film Film Institute.

Di  ritorno in Italia, ho realizzato numerosi filmati culturali, reportage e  documentari in veste  di regista e documentarista, principalmente in  Africa e in Asia,  con parecchi servizi e filmati trasmessi dalla RAI e  altre emittenti.

Ho recentemente realizzato il video corso di  francese per italiani “il francese per te”, e sto ultimando la versione  di questo corso, intitolata ” French for you”,  per il mondo anglofono.  Questo perché i problemi incontrati dagli italiani che studiano il  francese non sono gli stessi di quegli incontrati dagli inglesi.

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